New Speakers For Your Home Theater System


Speakers will influence the sound quality of your home theater system. The size of the room where the system will be installed, plus your personal preferences, may influence the type of speakers that you choose to buy.

Size And Output Variables

Assess the size of the room where you will be installing your new home theater system. Crisp, clear sound will require that there is enough space to install each speaker.

A large set of speakers may feature a high decibel rating. If you are installing a compact home theater system in a small room, however, the use of a large set of speakers may not improve the sound quality that you are supplied with.

If the speaker size that you purchase isn't suited for use in a confined area, the powerful sound qualities of a large speaker system could hinder your ability to enjoy watching movies or listening to music.

Sample Audio Sessions

Sample audio sessions will demonstrate how your favorite songs or movie clips will sound once your new speakers are hooked up. Many stores that sell home theaters will have speakers on their showroom floor that clients can listen to. Before you visit a retail business, prepare recordings of some songs or movie clips that you enjoy.

Record items that you plan on listening to or watching once your new home theater system is hooked up. A sales associate who works at the retail center can demonstrate how various speaker models work. They can guide you in choosing a speaker model that will fit your budget and provide you with the soundscape that you have in mind. 

Speaker Styles And Installation Considerations

There are many speaker styles to consider. Styles include tower models, compact shelf models, ceiling models, and wall-mounted models. Determine what types of support aids will be needed when installing a particular speaker type.

If you are going to be installing the equipment yourself, but do not have much technical knowledge, investing in a speaker type that simply needs to be plugged in and connected to the theater equipment may be your best option.

If you will be hiring someone to install all of the components of your theater system, you may be encouraged to invest in a complex speaker product. A professional installer will use cables and anchoring materials to install the electrical equipment that will be attached to each speaker.

Once all of the theater components are professionally installed, the technician will set up the remote control unit that came with your equipment.

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31 March 2023

Surrounding Yourself In Sound: Surround Sound Installation Tips

When I bought my new house, I wanted a surround sound system installed. I spent a long time diagramming the rooms so that I could determine the best way to position the speakers. The angles and positioning are key to getting the sound to resonate properly. When I couldn't be sure that I had the positions right, I went to a local audio/visual specialist. Then I created this site to help others learn how to decode the angles and directions for optimal audio from a surround sound system. I hope that this information helps you get the perfect sound from your new system.