Useful A/V Services to Consider for an Outdoor Event


If you're holding an event outdoors where there will be guest speakers, you need to make sure A/V (audiovisual) aspects are dialed in just right. If you utilize these services from an A/V company, things will go a lot more smoothly regardless of how long this event lasts.

Outdoor Speaker Recommendations

In order to ensure your guest speakers are heard loud and clear during this outdoor event, you'll want to set up speakers all throughout the venue that you're renting out. It's important to choose wisely because you want the sound quality aspect of this event to be perfect.

In that case, go ahead and hire an A/V company to provide outdoor speaker recommendations. They'll first make sure you get truly weatherproof solutions to prevent damage, but then they'll see what type and quantity are appropriate for optimal sound.

Video Streaming Setup

If your outdoor event is for an important cause, you may want to broadcast it live to a wide audience. You'll probably want to work with an A/V company when setting up this type of video stream. There are many important things A/V specialists can help you assess. That includes making sure all of the necessary equipment is set up, constantly checking feedback, and making adjustments on the fly. A/V specialists will be able to help you with these things so that your video stream comes through perfectly and has a professional format that helps your outdoor event's cause.

Wireless Equipment Planning

One of the best ways to make setting up A/V equipment a convenient process around an outdoor event is to go wireless. Then you won't have to worry about a bunch of cords getting in the way and potentially causing guests to get injured. You can hire an A/V company that specializes in outdoor events to help you plan out this wireless equipment.

Whether it's speakers, lighting, or video recording equipment, they'll make sure these wireless devices are properly set up and managed safely once the event starts. They can even help provide this equipment or suggest companies that can, so that you can easily find compatible wireless devices quickly. 

If you want your outdoor event with guest speakers to be special and come through the right way, you need to work out the A/V side of things. A/V company services can take on these responsibilities and ensure every detail is correct before the outdoor event starts. 


16 December 2021

Surrounding Yourself In Sound: Surround Sound Installation Tips

When I bought my new house, I wanted a surround sound system installed. I spent a long time diagramming the rooms so that I could determine the best way to position the speakers. The angles and positioning are key to getting the sound to resonate properly. When I couldn't be sure that I had the positions right, I went to a local audio/visual specialist. Then I created this site to help others learn how to decode the angles and directions for optimal audio from a surround sound system. I hope that this information helps you get the perfect sound from your new system.